seven senior citizens' houses, Roelofarendsveen

client: collectief particulier
area: 950m2
design: 2021
current phase: bouwvoorbereiding
construction: 2022 - 2023
contractor: Van der Geest, Oud Ade

Where until recently there were greenhouses, there will soon be seven senior residences around a large communal garden.

These homes for senior citizens are being developed under a collective private commissioning scheme.
Within this collective, every home is uniquely designed. There are homes with the living room on the first floor, and there are also ground-floor and first-floor homes in the plan.
Each house is distinguishable by its own façade material.
By choosing a repetitive main form and a common family of window frames, cohesion has been created.

The houses face a common garden. This garden is the entrance to the houses and offers the opportunity to make a small diversions. In the garden there are various places to relax, but also places for (grand)children to play.
The residents will furnish and maintain the garden themselves.

MW - architect in Leiden
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