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Week 18: Excursie Veluwe

Also this year a part of the May holiday was used to go on an excursion to special places and architecture.

This May holiday we visited the Veluwe. Finally we visited Radio Kootwijk, with its beautiful tiled floor. Weird to realize that once six masts of 200 meters (!) high stood heer (and one of which even once folded down and ended up on top of the transmitter building).
See also the site of Staatsbosbeheer

We also visited the Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem, where you can get up to 60 meters with a glass elevator and then get into a full glass balcony.
The full glass effect is exploited to the maximum by placing the side walls at an angle to each other so that there are hardly any reflections in the glass. The effect is phenomenal, but it also causes vertigo (even if you didn't think it would bother you).
Funny are the new stone sculptures above the balconies, which show different figures from the Donald Duck.

See also the site of the Eusebius-church

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