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week 17: CPO Roelofarendsveen

Commissioned by the CPO Beste Buur Braassem, MW architecture is designing a neighbourhood of seven homes for senior citizens.

This week, the preliminary design for the entire project was presented, along with the starting points for the individual homes.
The seven homes will be situated along a large communal garden. The garden will be laid out as a park-like environment with leafy paths that will demarcate various places to stay. These include a deck, a picnic bench under a large table and a sun-drenched lawn.

Parking is placed out of sight by raising the ground level in front of the parking spaces and separating them with greenery.

Between the dwellings and the communal garden are their own front gardens, marked by a pergola and a partition with an integrated seat. This will create meeting places and the garden will be bordered by a single set of garden walls.

Each house will be designed as an individual dwelling with its own layout and façade material. Each house will be readable.

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