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week 51: Final Design Beste Buur Braassem, Roelofarendsveen

This week, the final design for seven homes for senior citizens in Roelofarendsveen was presented to the clients.

It is a very special project that we worked on with a great deal of pleasure. What makes this project so special is that a building plan is being developed in collective private commissioning for seven individual - customised - homes for senior citizens in a communal courtyard.

Each home is different, each has its own specific layout and its own façade material. Very individual therefore.
But by taking the same main form, these houses together form a collective that is situated on a communal garden that is as large as possible.

These elements - the individual and the collective - make it a nice puzzle to work with the enthusiastic clients to achieve more than the sum of the individual parts.

Although there are many initiatives for senior housing in private commissioning in the Netherlands, this project is one of the few that will actually be realised in the short term. That too makes this project very special and an honour for both architects to work on.

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