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week 23 update: making a 1970s house more sustainable

Week 23: this and next weekend, this house can be visited during the Leiden Sutainable Housing Tour.

Update week 39: The rainwater cistern has now been installed and the collected rainwater is being used to flush toilets and do laundry.

week 12: MW architectuur was commissioned to make a 180m2 corner house in a neighbourhood of large 1970s houses more sustainable.

To this end, a plan of approach was developed to tackle the entire house.
First of all, the energy requirements were reduced. The roof and floor will be preserved according to new building standards, the walls will be maximally re-insulated and fitted with HR++ glazing.

The installation will be made more sustainable by electrifying the equipment and making the house gas-free. The entire home will be provided with low-temperature heating through underfloor heating.
A large part of the energy is generated by solar panels in combination with a future energy storage.

The water management will be improved by collecting all rainwater and reusing it for flushing toilets and washing clothes.
And the garden will be largely de-tiled so that rainwater can sink into the soil better and there is more room for greenery.

These measures will enable the house to achieve energy label A and will reduce the energy and drinking water consumption by half.

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