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week 48: Making a detached 1930s house more sustainable, Leiden

On the Hoge Rijndijk in Leiden stands a beautiful detached 1930s house. Over the years, this house has disappeared like Sleeping Beauty's castle behind a dense wall of planting and has been completely hidden from view.

Inside, the property has become very dark as a result. The renovations in recent decades have reinforced this.

MW architectuur was asked to completely restore and renovate the building, in such a way as to create a light and durable house that would keep up with the times.

By opening up rooms and completely exposing the attic roof, this now dark house will be flooded with light again.

The building will be fully insulated with floor insulation, cavity wall insulation, vacuum glass and roof insulation, so that it can be heated with a heat pump.

Extra attention has been paid to exterior noise insulation (the Hoge Rijndijk is a busy road) and the sustainability of the materials; for instance, the roof will be insulated with wood fibre insulation.

The house will also be prepared for rainwater collection for washing machines and flushing toilets.

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